Only through the use of superior product and technique are we able to achieve superior results.


At Bare Boutique, our mission is to provide only the highest quality, safest and most effective products and services which encourage a holistic, wellness-based approach to healthy skin, while supporting each of our clients on their journey to feel as outwardly beautiful as they are within. 

Each of our facialists is a licensed esthetician with a medical esthetic background, and all estheticians at Bare Boutique have a minimum of 5 years of experience. We are truly specialists in our respective crafts and offer only esthetic services, including: anti-aging, facial and peeling services, hair removal and eyelash extensions. 

We believe that it is our unique combination of cutting-edge technology and effective, yet gentle, products that set us apart and allows our clients to achieve truly remarkable skin transformation while maintaining the comfort, and peace of mind of using healthy products which encourage total skin and body wellness.