What are eyelash extensions?

 Is a professional application of an individual synthetic eyelash applied directly to each of your own natural eyelashes. Each extension is bonded with a medical grade bonding adhesive. There are many thicknesses, lengths and styles of eyelash extensions ensuring each client can create a look that can blend with their own lashes and lifestyle.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

Lash extensions are semi-permanent. Each extension will be bonded to your natural lash until it sheds. Each life cycle of a single hair ranges between 90-120 days. On a daily basis we each lose 1-4 lashes. Therefore it is recommended to come in within 2-4 weeks to replace lashes that have shed to keep a full lash line.

if I have had my lashes applied at another location, may I have them filled at Bare Boutique?


do you offer any types of lashes other than synthetic?

We have found that synthetic eyelashes have far greater durability and are far user-friendly for consumers. However, if you are interested in trying anther type of extension we would love to hear about it. We intend to expand our menu as the demand increases and permits us to do so.

In the event of an allergic reaction, what should I do?

if you experience the rare occurrence of an allergic reaction we would advise you to call our office immediately and we will help guide you through the steps to mange your reaction. In some cases lashes need to be removed and is a service that we provide free of charge.

What kind of after care can I expect with lash extensions?

Lash extensions need minimal care. Clients can feel free to swim, shower and sleep because extensions are durable and waterproof. However the life of your extensions can be shortened due to oils, mascara, makeup removers, lotions, pulling and rubbing.

I've seen people with eyelash extensions that look very obvious, is it possible to have natural looking extensions?

Yes, it is. One of the great benefits of lash extensions is that they are infinitely customizable and are as unique as the individual wearing them.  Talk to your extensionist about your concerns and your desired result so that she is able to apply your lashes in the way that best suits your mood and personality.

What if I don't like my eyelash extensions?

Although the vast majority of people are greatly satisfied with their service, there are sometimes cases when lash extensions are not desirable, for instance in the case a traumatic event, and if for any reason you are not satisfied with your extensions and wish to have them removed you may do so here with no additional charge. Keep in mind that eyelash extensions do alter the appearance of your face and any time our appearance is altered it can be shocking at first. We recommend that you allow yourself time to acclimate to your new look before having them removed. Often times they will grow on you and you will be that you did!

should I have lash extensions applied if I have an allergy to adhesives?

In many cases, even those with sensitivities to adhesives can wear lash extensions without experiencing a reaction. We also offer different types of adhesives and some are more suitable for those with sensitivities. 

I just had lash extensions applied and my eyes are irritated. Does this mean that I'm experiencing an allergic reaction?

No. It is not uncommon to experience irritation including redness and mild stinging lasting up to 3 days following your eyelash application.

How do I know if i'm experiencing an allergic reaction?

An allergic reaction to eyelash extensions is accompanied by visible swelling of the eye. If you are concerned that you are experiencing an abnormal response to your service, please let us know right away so that we can assist you in managing your reaction, which may require immediate removal.

If I have an allergic reaction or would like my lashes removed for any reason, will I be issued a refund?

We always stand behind our work and strive to provide the best experience possible, however, due to the cost incurred in time and materials we do not offer refunds at this time. Please keep in mind that an allergic reaction can be an unforeseen event that we are unable to predict . We strongly recommend that you look at photos, ask questions and be entirely sure this is a service that you would like to have before you invest in the service. If we are able to alter the look of your extensions in any way to make them more to your preference we will do so at either no charge to you or very reasonable if the work is extensive. Again, removal for any reason is complimentary and professional removal is strongly recommended.